Saturday, 22 March 2014

Decoupage comic book bowl

Decoupage - the ancient art of sticking! What's not to love with messing about with bits of paper (or fabric) and glue? It takes me back to my school days and the fun we all had peeling PVA glue from our hands.  Anyway I was inspired by the fabulous things on the Bombus site and in particular this  bowl.  Isn't it amazing? Unfortunately I didn't have the £145 needed to buy it but I did have some old annuals in the loft and a bamboo bowl from Ikea.  Add in some mod podge and I was ready to go!
To be honest the hardest bit was choosing which scenes to cut out and then arranging them on the bowl.  Some of them overlap but the bowl is basically covered with one layer of pictures.  Each picture is stuck down with mod podge (matt one) and once it was all covered I gave it several layers of mod podge.  I suggest using a small sponge as you don't get brush marks.  I then gave it a very light coat of spray varnish (wilkinsons own brand matt spray varnish).  Here it is;

It's quite hard wearing as it lives on the coffee table and all sorts of bits of pieces get thrown into it! Total cost approx a fiver - bargain!!

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