Monday, 24 March 2014

Sew Dolly Clackett dress

It's loud and it's proud! It's my finished Sew Dolly Clackett dress aka the 'hearts and daggers' dress. The fabric is called 'blue mother tattoo' and I bought it from Ditto fabrics ages ago. I love this fabric and I picked it because I have a slight obsession with skulls (I liked them before they can back into fashion honest!). When the fabric arrived I was overcome with fear of making anything with it and its sat in my fabric stash for months. Fortunately this sewing challenge came along and I knew I had to use it.

Keeping it classy at my home bar

The pattern is Emery by Christine Haynes. This seems to be a favourite with sewing bloggers at the mo. My only other experience of making a dress was using the By Hand London Anna dress - a beginner pattern. I was concerned that the Emery might be beyond me but I actually managed ok. I thought the instructions were really good. I did make a muslin of the bodice and had to make some alterations to the size 12 that I cut. These were; lengthening the bodice by 1.5cm, making the neck darts bigger, taking 1.5cm out of each side of the back bodice pieces, raising the bust darts by 1cm, and shortening the skirt a fair amount (I have stumpy legs).

I did leave out doing the pockets (I'll only end up putting tissues in them and then putting the dress in the wash)! I didn't go for the collar as i reckoned it would be a bit OTT. I've made it very fitted but it's still comfortable. I'm not sure a baggy bodice with a full skirt would be a good look!

The polka dot shoe bows are a little additional make to pimp my shoes. I got a whole stack of shoe clips on ebay for v cheap money. It's simple to make bows so now I can make loads in different colour ways. I wish I had lovely dainty feet and it would give me more choice with shoes. My wide feet make my shoe choices limited. The upside is that my flipper feet are handy for swimming :-)

The final touch- a little freemotion embroidered label!

Cheers Nic & Roisin on your wedding!

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