Friday, 28 March 2014

'Frankly I'm disappointed with your presentation' dress

Mad men time! My peggy dress is complete. My inspiration is taken from Peggy's appearance in episode 2 of series 2. Peggy is at a party and getting pretty friendly with a man called Eugene. He asks Peggy to go back to his place to which she replies 'I'm in the persuasion business, and frankly I'm disappointed with your presentation'. She then walks out. Pretty impressive eh?

Anyway my main motivation for making this dress was the fabric. I just loved the floral print. This is not the dress I had planned. This is what I planned to make;

I'd picked the fabric, the pattern and everything. Then I saw this dress and my plans went out of the window!

I set on a mission to find the floral fabric. Let's say it took a little bit longer than I expected!! I daren't say how long. Fortunately I found what I was looking for in a UK online shop called 'always knitting and sewing'. It's a great shop and offers fast and cheap postage.

Anyway before I go into more detail this is my dress;

A close up of the fabric;
Not a perfect match but not bad.
The pattern I used was my new favourite the Christine Haynes 'Emery'. It's only the second dress pattern I own (after the By Hand London Anna) so not exactly spoilt for choice! I reckon its a pretty good pattern for this style of dress. I was nervous about using a vintage pattern as they have a reputation for being brief with instructions! The only changes I made (that haven't already been mentioned in the Sew Dolly Clackett dress) were to lengthen the sleeves and skirt and make the collar removeable. The bow I just made up myself. Both are just tacked on. I'm going to remove them both so I can wear the dress in real life. As I new to dressmaking I can't face making something I'll never wear!
A close up of Peggy's dress;
Here is a close up of the front of mine. 'm even holding a drink in a jam jar (sadly it's only water!)
I'm pretty happy with the end result and can see myself wearing it lots - minus the bow and collar. Should there be another mad men challenge I'm going to be more adventurous! Many thanks to Julia for hosting the challenge.



  1. This looks really great! And so close to the inspiration photo. Great work!

    1. Thanks Ree! I really enjoyed researching all the possible dresses! X

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  3. What a perfect recreation! Well done!